Sunday, May 12, 2013

Chalet - Celebrating senior's transfer

I spent last night at Downtown East chalet!
Purpose was to sort of celebrate and wishing my senior, who's getting promoted (?) and transferred to the new store which will be opened on the 29th.

It took quite some time to plan everything, keep everyone informed, find things, etc. It was kinda tough and tiring to keep up and everything, but it ended quite OK I guess!

Had early shift that day, so I rushed back to shower and prepare. Reached Downtown quite late with the delayed transport...
When we finally got the room, I had to quickly set things up, get the food, etc. Everyone started reaching one by one, and leaving one by one. Around near midnight, there were only six of us left waiting for another colleague and my senior.
When they came, we were totally panicking and rushing around, trying to "surprise" her. haha. It really was quite epic, with everyone suddenly panicking around.

First we ate and watched programmes on the television. After that we had games and started snacking a lot. First was playing with poker cards, and then UNO, and then monopoly deal~ Laughed a lot too! Everyone started sleeping one by one. We played up to about 6am, when I started to zone out, and purposely let my senior win in monopoly deal. Haha. While everything was being packed away, I hugged a pillow and snoozed. What happened later was told by another colleague. Haha.
So apparently when I zoned out, they were wondering if I was really sleeping. A colleague put her soft toy on me, and apparently I didn't wake up. Haha. They were wondering what to do about sleeping, as I was practically blocking the sleeping positions. And then... apparently I woke up slightly, someone told me that we're going to sleep, how we're going to sleep, and I moved, and felt asleep. Lololol~

I kept waking up a few times, maybe cos it was cold! When we all finally got up one by one later in the morning, it was already around 10am. A couple of friends/colleagues left first and the rest of us cleaned up and started sitting around. Everyone seemed pretty stoned. XD

About 12pm, we all started leaving to get food and senior left too~

And so we ate, another 2 colleagues left for work, and it's just me, my planning assistant colleague and my supervisor. Hoho.
We went bowling~! It's been so long! It was kinda awkward as we played next to some kids who're learning about bowling skills. There were many gutter balls, but it was fun!
We returned to the room after that, packed and left~

I went to a restaurant in Thomson Plaza to meet up with family for dim sum. Didn't eat much as I ate quite a lot at Downtown. After we left, we took a drive through an area that was full of trees opposite my house. We met a lot a lot of monkeys! XD It really was fascinating.

It's been some time since I did something as special as this weekend. It was great!
Tomorrow's a full shift. Gotta do my best too!

Pictures, and ciao!

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