Saturday, November 27, 2010


I'm back to blogger! Onsugar is a little too boring for me :x and i'm not familiar to CSS compared to HTML!

It's been lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng since i updated.. a blog. last was, last week? :x hee. not that long eh.
anyways, current projects: HP, Studio. er.. there's Asia Culture and Comm Skills, but HP and Studio's most important! *ARGH I MISS BLOGGER*

gonna sketch sketch HP tml ): been sooooo lazy lately to even lift a pencil and scribble something. slack slack slack! tsktsktsk. XD
school's rather fun lately. Summer says i'm like, more cheerful this sem. HAHAHA. weird eh. i feel like i'm noisier and.. crazier. hohoho. but there's still people saying i'm quiet.

a side note - after i grad, there're quite some occupations i can check out:
singing / translating / sewing / cafe-ing / part-time-ing / free lancing

but obviously i have to try to get even even even better scores this sem ):

tired. gonna go watch vids now <3

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