Tuesday, November 30, 2010

wahas. i'm so tired. waiting for water to heat up so i can shower!

comm skills ppt today. i guess its all okay! HP printer mid crit tml~ pasar malam~

morning: walked with heels to bus-stop. so tiring. just then teera sms-ed me, so i told her, wanna cab? LOL. and we both cabbed down to NYP. waited for her at bus stop while she came from jurong. HAHAHA. pro eh.
the taxi uncle really talk alot. lol. but he's nice! he cut us 60cents :x hohoho.
hmms, i guess the comm skills things went well!
after that, did HP all the way till just now i reached home. hehs. tired mannnnnnnn.

and that thingie thingie gonna come soon ): *sigh

parents fetched, and sent summer home as well~

so tired. hope everything goes on fine tomorrow!


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