Saturday, December 04, 2010


sleepy much. got home at 1220!

stayed ard in sch till 9+ and left for airport!
cos weibin, chenzheng and yvette are in the Japan trip thingie~
took train to airport T3, and me + summer left at 11, which meant we only stayed there about 20 mins. lmao. whatever! its the thought that counts! :D
i hope cherrie "took the picture" HAHAHA :x
and Yvette and her sister really looks alike! :O :O
train ride back home is mad tired.
summer walked me part way home. so dark and scary :< but she found a cab, and i continued the other half way home alone~ creepy much!

Zie, dil, sab, syahira and jexter's going to Guangzhou on monday, too. wondering if i shld wake up at 5am, and go send them off too. heh.

waiting for hair to dry, so i can sleep! GAH. i so can't wait for hair to grow longer, so i can go cut layer layer XD then can style. heh.

right now, i want to multi-task in my life. i want to do it!
and i know that i can, if i set my mind into doing it. i can i can! (Y)


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