Friday, December 24, 2010

All I Want For Christmas.

oh well. Christmas is in, like 4.5 hours, and i seriously don't feel like Christmas mood.
shall watch jdrama "Last Christmas" later :3

so studio midcrit is over. all i can is "like that lorh" because i can't really say its good, or bad. its just .. like that.
gonna do more research in developing my concept.. and HP has to be done too. no sch next week cos there's no final crit for it. oh well~

i wonder.. what Christmas brings me. i seriously don't feel like very Christmasy. totally. just.. plain like that. maybe even plainer than usual. understand understand?!!

i'm still into The GazettE. 2 more days to their TOKYO DOME LIVE. x33333
what a big event!
i've mended the skull laced skirt, got my nail polish, got a red cotton (??) ribbon frm zie, snowman back frm studio (from sab) and my 2-coloured socks. and my HDD too. with the many loves inside.

kays. last christmas now.

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