Thursday, December 09, 2010


didn't go school, helped out at LTG today with K7.

he was late, so i went off first. I DAMN CARTOON OKAY. :x
met first security guard. he told me directions. so i went up escalator, climbed the stairs, but cos i no access key and im early, i need to go back down. OKAY. so i went down. i waited at the circular area there. then waited for K7 and for the counter to be opened at 10am. so i sat at some bench and read some brochures.
and then there's a group of Jap uncles who came and sit beside me. lol. i love listening to Japanese speak. its so ... nice~ and this uncle kept "anou"-ing hehe. and when some ladies came, they were like "-masu"-ing to one another. its saying good morning in a fast and shortcut way btw.
so i got the access card, went up the stairs again. AND DAMN GOON. i didn't know its using the other door. LOL. so i went~ and got in, turned on the lights and blablabla. lol. then K7 came. the late idiot. MUAHAHAHA.
total of about 75 visitors. kinda boring day uh! we did crazy stuff like scribbling on papers, putting the "i<3MUSEUMS" on every hanger. LOL. and decorating the table, walking around, trying to play the bkgrd music but doesn't work. and drawing on newspaper K7 got when he went plaza to buy his LJS lunch. and MAN did he draw. henna, scribbling, and HE WENT CRAZY SIGNING AWAY XD hehe.
ard evening, 100.3 radio DJs came. quite cool eh!
we went off at abt 6.30pm.

K7 had to rush to meet summeretcetc for movie, so i rushed along cos i wanna see my friends too. but in the end, he had to run. LOL. so i ended up walking~
took out my ipod, and walked all the way to Orchard. quite nice eh. i get to see the night lights too. A LOT OF PEOPLE WTH. lol. some girl "picked up" me for some company model thingie i think. i seriously think she's really desperate. cos i already walking damn fast, and she managed to catch up and tap me on my shoulder. LOL. i was totally like, oh? is it someone i should know? :x
anyway. damn weird. another reason she's probably desperate cos i'm totally not in model-like condition now. teera says they DESPERATE ma. HEH.

anyways. took the train, no seats, so stood all the way to Marina Bay. habit uh. and stood all the way back to YCK. while trying not to fall asleep, but i kept sleeping. while standing :D heh. damn damn damn damn damn packed. idk what happened to Singapore's population HAHAHA. had to squeeze out like nothing. said "excuse me" twice. ppl still don't budge -___- walked home after that ~ kinda tired uh.

the visitors who came to the exhibition. some are really rather rather nice~ hehes.

Saturday's going again. expecting more people okay! heeeee.

tahs. for now. gonna go listen to The GazettE. "Reila"

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