Thursday, January 27, 2011


almost one month since my last update! XDDD

studio 5 is over, for now. though i think have to do some brushing up, touch up, improve improve? there's still HP to go though!

i've done my CNY shopping! :DDD with Sabrina today x3
YAYS! bought 1 lacy skirt, 2 hoodie tees and 1 pair of shoes! hohoho. spent ard 100. XD
left AMKhub at ard 4pm~ and went to Mac to chill chill :3
Sab has hot chocolate, and i had CRAP LATTE :DDD (no the latte isn't crappy. its frappe latte) HAHA

had so much fun! went library to borrow some books too :3

have to slim down ): real fast! before CNY! DDDD: cos i'll be eating loads of steamboat :xxx
ahhh~ CNY can be quite troublesome sometimes. LOL. like having to gather and stuff.

can't wait to do the things i wanna do!
like mastering guitar! :DDDD mega wants!
gonna work asap, too!

its time to do what i want, instead of waiting for things to happen :3

weeees~ its nice to fantasize sometimes~

till later! byebye~

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