Saturday, April 16, 2011


Second day of work today!
In case you don't know, I'm working at NBC, Kinokuniya, in Taka

Today was more tiring i guess. Since i kept doing stocks! Arranging and arranging. Stocking and stocking. Non-stop! I really hope this job carries on fine! >____<

opps. multi-tasking. watching HP Death Hallows Part I

okay. so yeah hope everything goes on fine! >___<

today at work, a group of Japanese guys appeared. At first there's only one... and he wanted to ask me some stuff about pen/marker.
He started by calling "miss" in Chinese. i swear it's chinese. LOL. and then he paused for awhile, which i'm sure to consider what language to use (LOL) and then used English. HAHAHA.

the other day there's this Japanese young girl who came and asked me if there's a bag. i thought she meant bag as in tote bag kinda bag. but it wasn't it was basket. haha. when she said thanks, i felt like saying "douitashimashite"


it's really kinda awkward when you don't know how to help the customers you really want to help, and have to call for a colleague ):

hoping for the best!

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