Sunday, November 13, 2011



Class today was pretty fun! There were loads of laughter.

I gave 先生 a KimuTaku poster as thanks for the coffee she gave. At the end of the lesson, she said I gave it at a good timing. Cos we were learning some adjectives, and it was a very good idea to use the poster as an example XD

And she asked me シミンさんのお父さんはどんなの人ですか?

I replied, こわいでし。

Hahahahaha. :x

At the end of the class, I told her about こんにちは and 「今日はいい日ですね」

So it applies for こんばんは too! XD

Went and eat Pizza Hut with summer after that. Had a good time I guess!

Dreading work tomorrow. HORRIBLE day yesterday.

Why are humans like this...


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