Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Packing + Boxing!


Pictures from packing, on my day off!

At the beginning!

Kato Kazuki, how am I gonna move you?

Messy floor XD Sorting in progress!

Old notes I've been keeping!

Old gloves from primary school's handbell ensemble~
Looks like mickey/minnie's hand! XD

Hair clips from young XD

More old hair rubber bands!

Emptying my table~

Messy messy!

Washing items, and leaving them to dry beside the sink. Getting crowded!

My old secondary school bag. See youuuuu!

Packing clothes! A pair of socks that doesn't match in length XD
And a single lost sock!

Originally belonging to my mother. Always wanted to wear it, But guess I never will!

Packing clothes, bed getting crowded XD

Clothes from over the yeaaarrs~ To be donated!

Rilakkuma, daijoubu?!

Clothes to wear over the next month~

More in facebook!
またね~ ヾ(>﹏<)ノ゙✧*

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