Sunday, June 24, 2012

Is there any humanity left...

Just got back from work!
I've still not packed for the trip, and leaving the house at 8.30PM tomorrow.

I'm still not sure about how I should feel...
It just seems so stranger to me suddenly...
Really hope the whole trip ends up fine...

Was just thinking...
I'm gonna miss everyone. Colleagues, twitter. Urm, that's all I can think of.
A little lonely uh, not getting to talk with everyone. Kinda, eveyone.
But not everyone's gonna miss me rightttt. It's just gonna be normal ><

Tomorrow's last minute of packing!
Still a little of flu and dry cough. Hoping that I get better soooooooooooon!
Flight's 11hours tomorrow. Plus 3.5hours after a 2+hours rest at transit...

Gonna be carrying my broken-screen camera around.
So pretty much, I'll be using my instincts to take pictures!
The camera's really good though!

So! Final charging of all my electronics tomorrow.
And I've decided to bring all of the chargers. 4 of them!
Camera, PSP, ipod, phone.
And I still have yet to figure out how to flight mode my PSP...
And I don't know if I can SMS-tweet when I'm there...

Hopefully I don't get air sick either...
Not so great on planes!
I'm feeling so detached now.

Back to the blog title.
I just thought, it seems like, nobody seems to have a sense of humanity anymore.
Nobody is "automatic" enough to give seats, to say "thank you", to apologise.
Our store's giving this free mini envelope, and very very few customers say "thank you" when we tell them it's a little free gift.
People crowd the bus-stops, near the curbs, when their buses isn't even here yet.
Am I just too sensitive?

Off to shower in 4 minutes!
Hope things go well!

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