Friday, July 06, 2012

Scandinavia holiday

Scandinavia holiday:
Copenhagen, Denmark;
Oslo, Norway;
Stockholm, Sweden;
Helsinki, Finland.

26.06.2012 - 2256hours
The time here is so different! Still feeling a wee bit jet lag! And tired tired tired! ><
After a night with air sickness twice, a transit wait and delay at Turkey, finally, finally touched ground at Copenhagen! The tour guide says he is proud of us - those who vomited - cos we're like Merlions. If you get the joke!
Ah! Getting distracted by Resident Evil showing on TV!
We went to 2 different castles today. Amelienborg Palace and Christiansborg Palace. It's really so cool. Learnt some things about the country's history too! It really is amazing. And a little of cultures and how different rooms can be influenced. Eg, Victoria-era, Renaissance-era, etc. We saw some tapestries too! Really too amazing.
Lunch and dinner are Chinese food! The weather is awesome! Windy! But have to be careful not to get any chills or extra flu! So far, feeling better from before I left Singapore!
Actually the 11hr+ flight was pretty awful. Other than getting air sick twice, it was really really difficult to sleep! Gonna enjoy the following days before torturous flights again!!
Copenhagen is a really beautiful place. Everyone cycles! So far I've seen more more cyclists than cars! And only one motorcyclist so far! Today, today only, the coach driver looks so much like Mr Kentucky Fried Chicken! Bet you're all curious why I said that. But he really does look like!!
Tour guide said, to be cultured, one must go to France. Hold your fingers into the 30-cent-coin pattern, and go like, "so nice!", "very good", "fantastic!". Haha! And if want to stress your anger, go to Italy. Because people speak with intensity, like they're angry! Interesting tour guide, right!
Sky's getting dark. Sunset or dark clouds, I wonder. Tour guide said there's only about 4 hours of really night dark here! Amazing. Yeah! Jet lag. Haha. I should be resting properly soon! Hope the pictures I took with my cracked-screen camera is A-OK!

27.06.2012 - 2215 hours
2215 at the time I'm writing this! Hmm...
Probably still not used to the time here! especially when the sky is bright almost all the time! You don't even know when it is actually night or what! I wonder how the people sleep here... XD
We're on the cruise now!!! On our way to Oslo from Copenhagen! Tomorrow, we'll be in Oslo already! Like normal holidays, it's waking up early, eat, get ready to head off! Heard of syndicates in Oslo from the tour guide. Hope nothing much's gonna happen! It's really bumpy! Out in the sea now!
We went shopping at a street today~ Went to H&M for the first time, and I only had accessories! Quite a lot, actually! Other than shopping, we went to see Little Mermaid, and Gefion Fountain!! I love these Mythologies! Gefion and her four oxes! Wiki for the story! XP
My mother got herself a new watch, and did you know? In these watch shops here, they have 2 doors to the shop! When you step in, you'll have to wait for the first door to close, before the other opens! Cool security eh! But it might just become a problem, when it takes quite long! Oh well~
I love the buildings here (Copenhagen). Everything looks so artistic and design-ish! The people seems nice too! And everyone seems so interesting! The high school students just graduated, and they can be seen walking around in white sailor-like caps! Cool right!
We had Burger King today! I was really hungry, I have no idea why! By the way, the girls here are really pretty! Blonde and all! And dashing guys! Everyone looks really amazing. The birds are super healthy and fat, too! That's because the people here really recycles, and they feed the birds, too! Really amazing.
Before dinner, we went to the casino, and shopped for awhile, too! My first experience to Roulette and it was really funny and fun! The dealer's really entertaining and fun too! It was a really awesome experience! My brother won a lot of money! Although a few times were thanks to me! XD
Shopped for chocolates! Bought Avril Lavigne's BLACK STAR perfume! XO It's not too bad! Preferred it over... Dark Rose? God myself postcards at the shopping street before cruise, too! Oh yeah! There're Japanese tourists on the cruise too! Elderly, though, most of them! Nope, no chance to speak to them!
Wonder if all that's left tonight is to sleep! It's 2039 now! Wakey at 0700 later! May the rest of the trip be just as fun!
P.S. Omg... My younger bro's snoring so loudly...

28.06.2012 - 2327hours
3rd day! At Geilo now! Kinda reminds me of a friend, that name. XD It was a 4-hour road drive from Oslo! Didn't like the very enclosed seat space>
OK! Need to stop getting fascinated by the TV! The programme now is "WWII Lost Films".
Anyway, today wasn't as cold as Copenhagen! I survived with a normal T-shirt! A normal Uniqlo tee! I realised that I have left my blue scrungie from SG in the cruise too... Went to sleep with my hair loosely tied. It must have fallen off as I slept, and forgot about it in the morning ):
I have a tummy growing! >< From all the food and not a lot of moving! Speaking of food, all we've been having are Chinese food! Otherwise, it'd be hotel food. It's not that bad, but it'd be nice for something special!
We listened to stories, tales and lots of funny stuffs from our tour guide today during the 4-hour ride! It was pretty crazy laughing! we listened to the Indian Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, too! Hohoho. Laughed a lot!
I'm not so great with geography, but I think we're in Norway now! Geilo! Hopefully I get to see Aurora on this trip! ><

29.06.2012 - 2332hours
Norway now! Hotel's Quality Hotel Edvard Greig, Norway's famous musician! The room's pretty interesting! Has this unique interior design! Really fascinating! Been rather bad mood lately! I don't know why! PMS?
We went to Flam Railway today and sat on a 2-hour ferry. Took plenty of pics! Gotta filter the pictures I took though! Afraid that I might end up with insufficient space in the memory card! This trip isn't helping me in slimming down! Boohoo!~ Long hours bus rides these days! Even an 8-hour one coming soon! Don't know why, but will always end up sleeping in the long rides! Sleep and sleep ><
Chinese food for dinner again! Tour guide told us to write bad reviews about the area, which are actually facts! Some cafe/restaurant called Sze Chuan Cafe! Tour guide's really funny! Always making the whole group laugh! Very fascinating tour group!
Did I manage to remember to mention we went to a Viking museum? :3

30.06.2012 - 2332hours
Already day 6 of the trip! 0632 in Singapore now, and 0732 in Japan! I come from the past!! Today's hotel is mega mega awesome! Had fun! Kinda! And the food is so so superb!!
We left Bergen (old capital of Norway) today! Had fun listening about the rest of the old capital! We went to the fish market after that, and wow! The super fresh seafood is super! Ate lots of crabs and fishes! Yummy. Super yummy! And then we left for the Flam Railway!
Long bus ride! We rushed in time for our train, and it was pretty enjoyable! But there was this group of China tourists, they were being really noisy and moving about. Even coming to take photographs at our seats.
However! When it was time to go back to the railway station, the tour guide yelled for the tourists to board the train, but 23 of them missed it. It's like we ended up having the whole cabin to ourselves! Super evil max. We were like xin zai le huo then!
The bird on the roof outside this hotel room window seems to be a baby duck, or something. It had paddled feet, and doesn't seem to be able to fly! It kept crying and crying. I was so worried I stood at the window and kept looking at it. Then this white seagull - like bird/duck flew over and dropped some food. Or, vomited some food. The duckling then stopped crying, except occasionally!
It's turning dark soon1 getting quite sleepy, but I wanna see how it looks like when it's dark! ><
I miss the moon and the stars! Am looking forward to going home, but am absolutely hating the plane flights! Oh well~!

01.07.2012 - 2238hours
Heya. Having the whole room to myself now as my younger bro is away watching the Euro finals. Love the silence. I think there's nothing else to do tonight, other than to sleep! I need a shaver! And I'm getting fat! Must seriously diet my meals when I get back already...
Took a lot of pictures today! And we went to the Borgund Stave Church. I think... today's the first time I stepped into a church! Other than St Andrew's at City Hall
It was a wonderful feeling, especially when the church is from the Viking's period. I bought a ring, too! It's supposed to mean "Kiss me my darling" on the engravings of the Runic letters, but I don't seem to be seeing it when I compare it when an alphabet list.
Tomorrow, we're going to see Oslo's City Hall. Where the Nobel Peace Prizes are given out. The banquet is held in Stockholm's City Hall. We're going to Stockholm tomorrow by a roughly 10-hour journey by coach, after going to the city hall. We were supposed to see The Scream painting, but too bad.
Am seriously feeling more temperamental and bad mood on this trip, but. Oh well. Am kind of worried about going back via plane a little too soon...!
I've not done enough shopping :D
And oh! we played with icy snow today! Plus, I don't think we're going to be able to see Aurora!

02.07.2012 - 0026hours
I've yet to sleep soon! I kinda lost track of days already. Is today... Monday? Tuesday? But the day to going home is coming soon!
Write fast and sleep soon! I learnt a new game today! Called BRIDGE! It's pretty interesting and fun! :3 And made new friends, too! Tomorrow's gonna be a little sightseeing, then on board cruise, to Helsinki!!
And then, airplane soon after that... Awwww
Nothing much, except for a visit to Oslo's City Hall in the morning. No The Scream! After that was a roughly 8-hour ride to Stockholm, Sweden, here now. Bought a few more souvenirs and stuffs! Now that we are in Stockholm, I guess I kinda miss the Norway people! I hope to spend more money! Hehe~ Get more presents! Maybe I changed too much in the first place...?
Alright, 2 channels on TV are disgusting right now. Am gonna fall asleep soon!

04.07.2012 - 0150hours
Hello folks! I have to wake up in roughly 5 hours plus! Just came back to the cabin from the casino! I didn't play this time though! Atmosphere wasn't good enough! And as I'm writing this, i'm using a pen borrowed from my sleeping brother! Hehehe.
Ah, skin's so dry! T^T
Legs dry, hands dry, face dry! Oh Nooooooooo!
Since I've started to learn how to play BRIDGE, me and the same gang have been playing it! Hung out in the night club for about 3 hours! Seemed like a long period of time! Had most awesomeness fun!
There were some performances, and pretty interesting and entertaining!
Okay, wake up to Helsinki, Finland tomorrow! The cruise's pretty rocking~ I'm not sure of it's music from the night club, or the karaoke rooms, but it's super loud!
Have you ever experience seeing the moon in the sky, reflected in the sea water in the night, but at the other side, it's the sun setting, creating a rainbow-coloured sky! Most awesome!
Face condition isn't getting any better either, because I actually, apparently, forgot to bring my facial foam! Urgh! Am using my younger bro's these days! My Hada Labo is finishing soon, too! At least I'm kinda spamming hair conditioner to my hair.
The BRIDGE gang told me I look like I'm in JC age. Muahaha. And that I'm probably the youngest, because  of how I dress. Uh-hoho!
Bought various more stuffs today! Apparently I'm on Moomin's ship. Kinda I guess. Ahahaha~

05.07.2012 - 0129hours
Hi-ho! Tomorrow will be time to go home! Dreading the places! My nose isn't really great! And I think it's because I'm a little heaty! I have "frown lines" beside my mouth too! Oh no!
Tonight, last night, we're in Helsinki, Finland, Hilton Hotel. Cool or what! The stuffs here are really really awesome! And it's like they have almost everything!
I wonder if there'll be more playing BRIDGE times! Gonna miss, gonna miss! We went to H&M, and I bought 2 skirts!
Found "tail skirt", but it's out of stock! Wonder if I asked for the display piece, will they give? Hee~
Stockholm and Helsinki's tour guides weren't so amazing. Didn't like!
Ah, so sleepy already! After going back, things are going to be busy, busy, busy! ><

I'm back!
After typing out all my entries of those days, am kinda tired to type so much anymore!
The trip is been really really fabulous. Spectacular. I need to work on my vocabulary~ Hee!
Tweets: -Scandinavia: First time spending time in a night club. First time Casino-ing. First time H&M-ing.
-I miss seeing Brad Pitt/Tom Cruise-lookalikes everywhere. And Ali Larter-lookalikes XD

Hahaha~ In a way, I'm kinda glad that I'm here, that I went overseas. Made me... appreciate things a little more?
Though I went into a fierce argument with some PRC tour guide at the Helsinki airport because she was kinda "flaming" at us. Oh well. Sometimes what's past, shouldn't be thought up again.

Gonna post pictures on Facebook now!
Will insert the link here later!


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