Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vampire Hunter (Abraham Lincoln)


今日はVampire Hunter - Abraham Lincolnを見てた!面白かった!

And so, I watched Vampire Hunter with Mushi today~

The movie was pretty OK! Not so fantastic, but I still kinda like the plot! I think it will be a really wonderful movie if it wasn't a vampire movie, but a historic movie. Love the quotes in the movie too!

We went to Shaw House Lido to watch~
The whole theatre was so big! And there was only like, 10 people or so in the theatre!
When the movie ended, there was this song played, and upon hearing it, I knew it was Linkin Park.
I love those feelings when you recognise something you know! Like celebrities, musicians, etc!

Tomorrow's afternoon shift! Really not wanting to work. XD


Do you guys know Sako Tomohisa?
He's one day younger than me! Haha~
He sang the OP of anime, Kimi to Boku 2. "Zutto".
I love his voice! It's very anime-like, too!
Really nice~
"Ai Kotoba" is really a great song! Do listen! (:
Am considering to translate "Ai Kotoba" some time!


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