Monday, December 20, 2010

the dash run

dilly, zie and sab are back! with syahira and jexter~~
yays! no more loneliness :3

here's a quick update!
rushing studio and HP like there's no tomorrow! and i just finished some graphical thing for some Bishan thingie also. gaaaaaahhh.

i am in need of money. HEHEHE.

anyways, on Satutday, went out with Ayu, and met new online friend! <3 Ila~ at city hall. heeee. so fun XDD
and i got the NeoGenesis Mag! GAZETTE <3

i realise since my craze with GazettE my emoticons have gone "XDDDDDDDDD" and "<33333" and ":DDDDDDDDDDDD" LOL.

okay. gotta calm down. damn tired. but i guess i just have to look forward and .. do my best.

a little weird post. but my mind's so crazy now i don't think i know what i'm typing...

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