Friday, December 17, 2010

selling accessories

updating, like, after 5 days?
anyway, i AM still crazy over the GazettE
listening to their songs, downloading them, and guess what? PLEDGE is finally here (:

happy much! :D my tumblr is all flooded with them :3 hehes!

anyways, did some fund raising today. total earned S$125.60 XD not bad i guess. some ppl were quite supportive. i saw Olivia and Ho Yin. Olly bought a hairclip from us :3 its the one i made :3 hehehes.

sadly. i think i've deleted the pictures of something. yep. except for those that have not been sold yet~ a wee bit temperamental today though. i don't know why ): i don't like it when i'm like this.

anyways, tml i'm meeting ila, my NEW FRIEND <3 at city hall @ 1pm. hoping Ayu can accompany me tml too.. otherwise i'll be like dead bored, that kinda thing. ):
don't like it when i'm alone. *sigh

anyways, i'm hoping things will go well from here. today wasn't exactly a great day.

till later. ttyl.

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