Sunday, March 27, 2011

after 3 years of NYP

Grad Show has ended! So so long ~ 3 years of Industrial Design! Over!

Am finally updating now, while watching One Piece. Which is cracking me up. Lol.

Kinda have an idea of what to do. But all i wanna do now is just.. slack and do nothing!

Been listening to all the old songs. NishiRyo-chan will be back in TV!! Yay ~~~ I miss watching him, seeing him!! Listened to only "My Last Train" by Kanjani8 today. Miss the songs! And NishiRyo's husky voice XDD

And so, i've decided that some people who are not worth keeping in contact with, who don't give a damn that you are in contact with them, are not worth my attention. They can just go rot.

It's been warm and humid lately!!

On the Monday after the Grad Show, Geraline, Szemin and i went to watch (Love and Soul) Ghost. It's mad awesome!! A must-watch! Totally touching and i totally love the effects! Went back to school to get our 100bucks and i carried my box of manga home. LOL. Its still rotting on the floor!

On Thursday, we went to Bugis, and watched Sucker Punch at Shaw. MAD LOVE the effects and the storyline! It's like no other movie!! So so awesome!! Another must-watch XDD We entered the wrong theatre. It was really really funny. LOL. Went to get a white scarf, and a black hat. And we slacked in Bugis Junction playing UNO and Monopoly Deal. HAHAHA. Totally mad awesome!

I wanna play again! Heeee ~ Wonder what to do tomorrow!

Alrights. Tahs for now.

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