Thursday, August 30, 2012

Baking 24.08.12

Amanda (have yet to find a nickname for her :x) came over and we did baking!
First we tried doing cookies, which ended up like cookies/cakes cos of my random and instinct-based recipe
And then we proceeded to doing the cake for the shortcake, and the whip cream.
Whip cream was a fail, I think we whisked for too long!
The cake ended up as really SHORTcake. hahahaha.
So yeah, the pictures of the day!

Am tired after working today ><
OT is a DON'T-WANT right now!
Tomorrow's afternoon shift so it's fine!

The feeling of wanting to reach for something, that it's reachable, but yet it's too soon to complete.

And also, the feeling of having so much to do, so much to want to do, but yet when it's time, there seems to be nothing.

I'll work hard! Even harder! ><

See ya.

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