Friday, August 17, 2012

Prata prata lotsa prata~


Yesterday, met up with Bridge Club! ^^

We planned to meet at the Upper Thomson Road, which had lots of stores and eateries!
So I got down the bus there, sent a text to them, and in the end it was at the prata shop near my house XD
So I went back to the bus stop, and while waiting for the bus, met another 2 secondary school friends!!

Fate or what. XD

They offered to drive me over!
One of the members of Bridge Club didn't manage to make it..
So the three of them! And I ate a lot!
Plain prata, Cheese sausage prata, Egg prata. Weeeee~
Was supposed to finish up Banana chocolate prata, but the shop was starting to close! So packet-ed XD
I hope nobody in the restaurant was keeping track to the number of pratas I was eating! ><

Prata was after work!
During work today, I was stocking this counter while squating down, and then little girl started standing beside me. Staring at me.
Not at what I'm doing, but really staring at me! To the sense that I really can't figure out why she's staring!
Kept staring and staring. lol.
Her sister then came over, and watched her stare at me. lol
So I started asking like, their ages, and their names. The Staring girl is called Annabelle, 3 years old~
And then the sister's 4, and another sister at the pen counter is 9.
They're all so cute!! Really good face complexion, face structure, really pretty! HAHAHA.
Then the 4-year old started talking to me, telling me all kinda things.
And when I asked about no school tomorrow, she said yeah, but her daddy has school.
So I went, so you will be sleeping eh. And she went on saying about her sisters' sleeping patterns. LOL.

And then the mummy wanted to go off already. But Annabelle just refuse to leave! Just stood there!
I kept waving byebye to her, hoping she will go. But no! Kept staring!
So since my hand was up, I randomly told her to hi-5 me.
She did. And the next minute, she said "I beat you". LOL.
The 9-year old sister came bye looking for her "friendship-band" thingie, and I looked at the lanes for it.
As I was looking, I heard Annabelle telling her mummy, "I beat her". HAHAHA.
Cute right!
So in the end, she did go off. But before she did, she shrieked "BYEBYE!"
Oh my gawd, so cute!
Hopefully can see her again XD

All for now!

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