Thursday, August 16, 2012

Living the way I want.

And so! It's Wednesday today.
Tuesday yesterday!

Yesterday, I met up with a new friend, Masami~
And her friend too!
Although we weren't so close (hahaha) I had fun!
Chatted about different things, learnt about different things!

I was supposed to take a bus, and walk there.
But I missed my stop before realising it.
Got down before the bus went to the interchange, asked a nearby lady if she knew where Chinatown was from that location. ><
And then I walked and walked, decided to take a taxi since I was going to be late.
And ended up walking to SGH since I see so many taxis turning into there.
And when I wanted to flag a cab, none was to be seen!
And so I asked a nearby uncle (lol) where I can get a cab, and happened to see one before he could give me a proper answer.
Sorry, but thank you uncle! ><
Before I got off the taxi, he complained I had no small notes. And I didn't bring my NETS card ><
Hahaha~ But I understand eh!

After sending Masami off at the airport, took a bus to AMK, went to the library, and walked home!
Had a small bottle of water with me. And it was scorching hot! But it was pretty awesome XD
Sweated a lot!
Borrowed Victoria Laurie's new (??) book, Vision Impossible

And today! Work was non-stop busy!

Met up with Amanda (must think of a nickname for her XD) after work.
Went to Ion, and outside there, we met a tranny!
Sorry if the word is rude, but I don't know any other words ><
I thought that the person was really really cool and admirable! Seriously!
Woahhhhh O___O Really admirable!

And we went to look for MUJI's exhibition! Oh wait.
We ate before that. At the Japanese eatery at the basement!
Had Chicken Katsu Curry XD
YUMMEH MAN! Super crispy! Really yummy~ But the miso soup wasn't to my liking ><
And thennnnn~ We went to the exhibition! Pretty interesting, I guess!
About saving materials, thinking further, considering what we really need in our lives.
Oh yeah! We went to Daiso before we ate! ><
Bought 2 boxes - one for letters (:D) and another for stickers!
After the exhibition, we went to look at stationeries! LOL
Bought myself worthy 5bucks worth of stickers :3

Younger bro lent my 50bucks since I didn't want to withdraw till pay is here!
Think will have to pay again when pay is here. IKOMA lessons and for JLPT!

And there's staff purchase to do...
Things to pay...
Things to collect...


Let's not think so much for now!

Till later! \m/

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