Tuesday, November 06, 2012

RWS 4-6.11.12

I'm back~ It's nice to be back in your own room *3*

Have been uploading, and will upload the remaining pictures in Facebook!

First day:
Went to grandma house to meet up with the rest of the relatives, and we went into Sentosa by car~
First time going in, it was pretty interesting! Was a rainy day! Lots of tourists around!
Spent the late afternoon and evening walking around, eating, exploring.
Was a little frustrated waiting around though. lol

Second day:
Went to Beach Station for McBreakfast, and we left for USS!
Saw many many many Japanese kids! Think they're in Middle School! I wonder how many uniforms they brought. lol
I went on all the rides~ Especially loving the human/cyclon ones! Took the blue cyclon one twice! Was really awesome. Went alone, of course, since no one would go with me.
The rides with acceptable kick are only these two. Haha.
After I came out of Cyclon for the first time, the Japanese kids in front of me were like 楽しかった楽しかった!(It's been fun!) and repeating it. Totally agreed with them. lol.
Rarely ate anything, and it was alright, I guess. Because I wouldn't want to get sick after rides either. Transformers wasn't so amazing. Nor was mummy. I guess cos it was pretty dark inside, which made me think this way. Shrek 4D was amusing. Really. lol Poor Jinglebell though! That's her name, right?
Ah, there was also the... Jurassic ride? It wasn't so awesome either. lol.
All you do is get wet! But I kinda like the lift part. Was.. amusing. I half-expected it to drop us down instead :x
And there was also the first ride we took, Madagascar. There were bubbles that were blown at the end of the ride, and one of it went into my eye -.- When I was wearing glasses.
After exiting USS, I was so tired I didn't feel like eating or anything. And feeling the aftermath of the rides (especially the roller coasters). Sitting down felt weird. lol
Went to some exhibition, walked a bit, and then went back to hotel.
Nothing much after that. Dinner, went back, and struggling to keep awake to watch VSARASHI, the last episode on TV with Chinese dub. Sad...

Third day:
Went to Imbiah Station for KFC~
They didn't have breakfast, sadly. More Japanese students!
I think they were the same. They were taking group pictures~
Was so tempted to take cable cars~~ :3
Nothing much, except after breakfast, went back to hotel to pack, cousin and younger bro went to pool, I was feeling sleepy all the time. After checkout, we sat at the lobby waiting for bro to finish showering, and went to grandma's house's area for lunch. And bus-ed home.
That's all~
It rained pretty badly.
And it was really fortunate that it didn't rain on the USS day. Which was like in between 2 rainy days. Phew~ The Japanese students sure were fortunate, too.

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