Monday, January 21, 2013

What is Singapore, really.

Every Sunday, I take the bus from Thomson, to Orchard for work. I get down at Lucky Plaza, and honestly it's not a good experience at all.

I'm an entirely non-racist person. But if you were to get on the bus, be crowded by non-Singaporeans who do not move in, talk loudly, laugh loudly, shove and lean against you without caring, taking up the seats without giving them up for those who needs them more...
Can one say that I'm angry for no reason?
Over the internet, people complain about passengers not moving in, seats not given up to the needy... Who are the culprits really? Who actually sees them with their own eyes?
Sometimes when I'm on the bus, I start wishing that I was blind, that I didn't have to see these "ugly" people. And I wish I was deaf. That I didn't have to hear the noisy laughters and way-too-loud chats. At those points, I really understood "ignorance is bliss".

That's not all. After I get down at Lucky Plaza, the whole mall is crowded with them non-Singaporeans. They block up the entrances and exits, make so much noise, till the point I had to yell at them once "EXCUSE ME!" so that I can get into the mall.
Will you not be annoyed? I hate having to face this every Sunday. I wish I could just avoid Orchard on every Sundays.

What is Singapore really.
A country? There are people all over the world who don't even know Singapore. Where we are.

I personally feel that we have lost our identity.
Singapore, feels like a trading port. People from everywhere else come and go...
I have nothing against Permanent Residents in Singapore. There're friendly ones, there's kind ones.
But it's awful when you look around, you see your own nation so mixed.. It just doesn't feel like your home anymore.

In my very own opinion, we need to get it into our head that Singapore, is an island country. We're not just a country. Size may mean nothing in being developed in the world, but we have to face that fact that our space is LIMITED.

I don't know if our government is still trust-able. I don't know who to trust in the country anymore.

I've said my piece.

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