Monday, April 22, 2013

Work, study, work!

lol. Sorry about the lame greeting.

Today's finally an off day after 7 straight days of work!
And I just realised that I have another 7 straight days starting from tomorrow...

Sometimes I wonder why we try so hard.. We are we trying for, why are we trying, for what are we trying.
And I'm thinking that, we try our best because we're still alive?
And... that somewhere out there.. somehow, we know that there's something we're trying hard for. That it'll come some day.

To be honest. I had a lot of things in mind to blog when I was showering earlier on. But I can't quite remember most of them now.
Sorry for breaking the atmosphere. :x

Recently months, I've been asking myself, who am I really, what am I good at, etc.
It seems like I might have trying too hard ><
And I've also noticed that my first reaction to something, is that I try to make it a better situation immediately. Like cheering someone on, trying to help someone, thinking of a better solution...

Am I alright, I wonder. lol
Anyway! I'm not gonna think so much for now!
Rather than spending time thinking about something, trying to find answers, I have to study really hard!
I'm gonna try to spend almost every single moment I can studying!

Sorry if this post sounded pretty... senseless.
Been... multi-tasking ^^;;

P.S. LINEをやり始めました!♪

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