Sunday, May 19, 2013




Went to Navy Open House today! It was really awesome!
Met colleague and we queued for 2 hours to get on the bus! Now to think about it, it has been really amazing. Haha. The queue was super long! One loooonnngggg round outside, and then snakes and snakes. Into EXPO Hall 3, and then many snakes again! The queue was constantly moving though! And then security checks, and more snakes. Haha. Really amazing we actually queued this long. Amusement parks' queues are no longer a problem! Hahaha~

By shuttle bus, reached Changi Naval Base. It was really really hot! Not just warm, but HOT! Haha. And I amazingly wore black today, too.
Started walking around, and saw the ship that my friend mentioned he is in, so we went to queue right away. There was a show which was ongoing when we got there, but ended quite soon.
Queued for about an hour? Lol~
Went for the little short tour around in the ship!
When we were about to go off, happened to notice that I've already walked past my friend. Hahaha.
Chatted a bit and me and colleague went off~

Was really hot! Took more pictures, and didn't queue for anymore ship visits because there were really really many people! Last I went was about 3 years ago? With coursemates!

We walked around a bit more, took more pictures, had some drinks, and left! The queue to get the shuttle bus back to the station was almost an hour. There were people cutting queues. Totally horrible. Saw a guard dog too! And a couple of guys with red and pink heart balloons. Hahaha~ I said that the guard dog was cute, and my colleague was like, eh?! Cute?! 

Was totally tired and all because of the weather and the walking and standing! Plus the train was really cooling, so I went all sleepy! Went back straight away~ Was totally hungry too!

Photographs to summarise up today!


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