Monday, September 30, 2013


A little wee bit of update!

So, it's about 10? 11? more days to the Japan trip!
I've bought my luggage today! American Tourister! Weird English. Lol. It's huge, but really light! People who knew the brand all told me that it's really durable, so I thought of giving it a try! My very first luggage! Not my very favourite colour though. Somewhere between yellow and orange!

I'm not prepared for the trip at all >< So many sightseeing spots not settled on, currency not changed, planning not done etc ><
I don't have a problem with packing as I'll just do it at the very last minute.
Well, at least I have my date of dropping by the school settled!

So many things to do, so little time! Feels like this, but when I think about what I want to do, I can't recall o__o
I'm still yet to study a number of things!

Recently I've been trying out new experiences. I'm not sure how it's going yet. But because I get influenced easily (I think), I'm trying not to get too involved into it. Especially mentally.

Also, I've gotten myself a new pair of spectacles! Quite awkward with the new look at first, but I think I'm getting along OK with it!

I'm gonna be bringing Japanese students around again on the 2nd! Which is like around 2 days away? :D
Super upbeat and looking forward to it!


A little bit of motivation I came up with.
Though things get tiring, everything seems to be on the brink of breaking down, falling off the cliff, just take a step back, look at things in a different way, and give it another chance, another try.
Things are difficult, but because there're people who've reached there, you can, too. Somehow!
I'm not being optimistic, really. Somehow, it's logical? To me!
I don't think I'm optimistic at all. I'm more into common sense maybe. Bitter laugh.

Sorry for being sudden.
But I think I better stop here.
Night time is dangerous. I might just start over-thinking into things. hahahaha.


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