Sunday, September 15, 2013

To encourage

I don't know why.
But I thought I'd try blogging while listening to music. Somehow it makes my brain function better. Lol. I was thinking about this in the shower, and it led to me thinking about schools playing music while students have tests and exams, and see if there's any comparisons than having them without music being played.

I thought I'd talk about limit this time. Blog. Talk. Whichever. Hee.
Somehow, I don't believe that there's a limit in a person. Limit, to me, is something that is human-made. It comes when someone plans on it. For example, in terms of skills, if a person doesn't stop trying, there's no limit, is there? Even if the progress is far, even if it's slow, there's no limit there. The fact that he/she doesn't stop trying, already shows that there's no limit.

In my opinion, I feel that there's no such thing as impossible. The impossible doesn't exist, unless it doesn't exist. In a way, I'm meaning that if it exists, it's possible! If, no, when there's already someone out there who has done it, achieved it, anyone else can! I make myself think like this sometimes. When I first entered my job 2 years ago, I've had no experience in it whatsoever. When I was first taught on counting the price on an invoice, I was thinking how complicated it is. But then again, if my seniors at work can do it, I can, too! How could it be impossible?

And then it comes to ability. To make it short, ability is like from your mentality. What you can do is what you decide on yourself.

I guess I'm not someone who gives up easily. But I do give up when I start feeling horrible. In a way.
To be honest, I don't know where I came from. How I came this far, why I became this way.
Perhaps it was the process. Who said the process isn't important?
I've always thought myself to be "not with the flow". I don't think myself as normal, to be honest! I don't want to become anyone. But I do have inspirational people I'm learning from! (Like a manga character) lol
I've no idea when I became so competitive myself. At first I was really really down about it. Like, why am I so competitive?! Why am I like this?! What's wrong with me?!
And then as I'm always finding answers for myself, by myself, I realised that... it's not that bad really. I don't really mind being competitive now. But I'll have to be careful not to go overboard. I'm competitive because I want to try harder. I don't want to limit myself down. In fact, I want to see how far I can go.  I don't aim for number one though. Or to be at the top. All I know is that I want to try my best.
There're many people out there with different "talents". But anyone can be the best. Anyone can be anywhere!

And then, I'm not someone who is able to leave someone alone either. Like someone who is lonely, seems lonely, quiet and all. I can't leave them alone. It's probably cos I've felt alone most of my life so far. Having no one notice you. Not realising you've cut your hair till weeks later when it had grown. Or your ear piercing at all. Or the fact that you're not feeling great until the day you get well and then you're thought to be unwell.
Doesn't make sense right.
One thing I'd never ever forget is the fact that when I was Secondary School, I ran for the bus. And then got unbalanced, and fell on the hard road. Ended up with scraped elbows and a small hole in my skirt. I had 3 wounds on my elbows, and they left scars which I have no idea if they'll disappear one day. It was peak hour, the bus stop had people. The bus had people. The 3 wounds were bleeding and I only had a plaster. I put the plaster on but it came off because it couldn't hold the blood. I held my elbows up as they were too painful. It was stupid to cry, I thought at that time, because it was stupid to fall down. But I felt like crying. Because it was too painful. Physically and mentally.
Back to topic. I suppose I just don't want anyone to face the same thing I did. Something like that.

「ねえ 君の隣は 今空いてるかい
間違いだったのなら きにしないでよ」

Okay. Somehow I've ran out of ideas to blog. I probably had more, but they ran away.
It's 2am anyway. Today was an off day and tomorrow will be back to hectic.

See ya. Hopefully soon.

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