Saturday, September 14, 2013

Catch up

English only post!

I've been so busy with work that... Life is kind of getting boring?
The simple things now are the purest happiness for me. Like having someone talk to me, joke with me, or just accompany me for a little while.

So, today: Had new ear pierce, new earrings, a new ring, and a new haircut (which I don't really like)

There're things that are not going good right now. And I'm sick of it.

So, about work. Apparently I'm gonna be the remaining full timer staff for the store I'm working in now. I'm not expecting anything. I'm being told it's gonna be tough and all. But all I can do now is just see it and move a little by little. There's no point in worrying so much all at once, right?

There seems to be so many things I have to be worried with now.
So so many. But I can't just settle them all at once.

Right now, I'm just grateful to the people I can talk to when I'm feeling under the weather.
I might be smiling, I might be laughing. It's already part of the routine at work. But I don't like it if someone comes to me saying "You're very cheerful!" That's ridiculous.

There's a lot of mixed feelings I'm having now.
Some which started recently and I have to shut them down cos it'd make me spend too much time thinking about it, and making me feel absolutely horrible about it.

So far this year, I've met new people, and they've left. I miss them terribly much but there's very little chance of getting to see them again.
I've had new people enter my life, and it's probably one of the best things. I'm thankful.

I've had lots to blog. But I tend to forget them once I've sat down and settled down.
My head's kinda in a puddle now.

Gotta take things slow and one at a time.

Thank you for over 4k pageviews!

Till next time.

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