Sunday, October 27, 2013

Amused day

Thought I'd blog about today cos it was kinda amusing.

So in the morning, a couple of Japanese came in looking for something. She started speaking to me in English, and after a few lines, it seemed that she is having difficulty so I switched to Japanese.
Starting with えっと hahaha. A phrase when switching language.
She was so mega cute *w* lol
Suggested to her to check out the department store instead, as there's higher chance for her to find what she wants there~ Was in super broken Japanese, with the wrong words as I panicked and couldn't use 敬語 at all..... OTZ
Anyway she was really nice! She suddenly took out her planner, and took out this crane made from a origami paper with Kumamon prints! つる!鶴ね!And she asked me if I knew Kumamon XD
I told her 知ってます!And I went quiet cos my mind went blank ARGH.
And then I asked where they were from. Haha. And she mentioned they were leaving SG tonight already~ They're from Kanagawa~~~~ And I went あ!関東ですね!Hahaha...
Immediately thought of the group I took before.

And so they left!

And then a little girl entered the store while her father was speaking non-stop on his phone outside the store :S
Apparently they were buying a present for the girl's mother! It was really fascinating. hahaha.
They wanted me to wrap at first, and the father decided to wrap himself. The Japanese style of wrapping~ No tapes, only seals. *w*
And then the little girl wrote her card, IN ENGLISH! Wow~
Her English is really good! And she seemed really mature!
After that they decided to add a ribbon. At first they were picking, then decided to ask me for help. I took some time thinking, but when I decided on one and they were OK with it, and it went well with the wrapper, the little girl was like "It matches! She's amazing!" hahaha. And her father was like "Of course! It's her job" Something like that.
So sweet of them~! Getting a present, putting so much effort into it. Nice! *w*

And then I spent the whole shift pulling ribbon strings, measuring them, cutting them, winding them, tying them, packing them, taping them, pricing them, keeping them. Lol.

During lunch time, met with a friend who came to have lunch with me... And decided to go to Ajisen Ramen.
Sat down, ordered, didn't have drinks served to use, got suspicious, asked for drinks, got suspicious, asked if our order got passed into the kitchen or not, apparently not, ran out of time, said I'm leaving, so we left.
And I had bread for lunch.

Just not by luck I guess ):

OK bye!

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