Friday, October 25, 2013


Gonna mention Japan again.

And since I've always been told that the "pace" in Singapore is really fast, I thought I'd just blog about it.

When I bring Japanese around in Singapore, I've always been told that trains, escalators, lifts, etc in Singapore are really fast.

And then I just started thinking.

If you were around in public, and while you were trying to figure out something, just standing around, people will see you as an obstruction. A bother.

When I was in Japan, and I was standing around trying to figure my way. I kind of panicked.
Not because I was "lost", but I was worried and panicking about being a hindrance to other people.

If I were to thinking about it really carefully, it feels like, it seems like, Singapore is a really fast-paced nation.

Is it doing us any good? Do we feel good?

I think I rather prefer Japan, where you can have your own pace.
It just seems.. more comforting and... comforting.

Sometimes I wonder, how do Singaporeans feel about being fast in life? Doing things fast, having things fast...

Is it really good for us?

Honestly I don't think I have the answer for myself, yet.

But I guess I rather the freedom of pace in Japan?

I guess.

Very short post. Just wanted to think about "pace".

And well, kind of sorry for bringing up Japan all the time.

You see, as they say, "Love is blind".

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