Wednesday, December 04, 2013

21 days to Christmas!

It's the time of the year again!

When I start counting down to Christmas!

When I start being an idiot and sees rain as snow!

Not that it'd harm anyone :3

And also the time of the year when things get crazy at work.


So. Update!

Took Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and... well.. I have no confidence of passing XD

I feel horrible, I feel dejected. But what's done is done. It was tougher than I expected it to be, than I hoped it to be. Lol.

It'd be good if I actually managed to pass, but what's done's gonna remain done!

Hmmmmmm. Not much update eh!

I've gotta start on my Christmas cards soon! And also clearing the things I want to do before 2014 comes!


And also, XX days to my birthday~!

I guess I'm a tiny little bit excited!?

Till later!

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