Thursday, December 26, 2013

25.12.3013 Story

And so! I left the house early to go to Kinokinuya~
And browsed a little longer than I expected.
But that was fine cos A was late anywayyyy~ hahaha.

We went to catch 47 Ronin! I keep wanting to type Rounin since forever. I don't know why.
It was pretty good! It's been ages since I've watched a movie like this!
Akanishi Jin is forever so young-looking D:
Keanu Reeves is so super cool! Last movie I remembered watching him was... The Lakehouse? And Constantine??
The movie was supposedly 2 hours, but the action was so on-going, everything was like, DON'T MISS IT! and it didn't feel like a 2-hours movie at all!

We had to leave straight for Karaoke after that, since I've actually made a reservation.
But we delayed the reservation and went shopping at Isetan supermarket. Lol.
I found my favourite milk tea! In a special packaging!! So happy~
At first I thought they didn't have it cos the usual packaging wasn't there. But I somehow spotted a special packaging I've seen online before, and totally went crazy, buying all left on the shelf at one go. Hehe.
There's only 3 left though. Lol. Donald was hiding at the back. Maybe someone hid him. Haha.
And we bought alcohol! I bought Screwdriver again~ My alcohol never is CMI!

So we left for Karaoke~
And photobombed people all the way. Heh.
They were all taking ages to have pictures taken and the paths were all block anyway! D:
So we reached the studio, and there was this uncle who served us, but he was totally... kinda... really disgusting and turned off.
He was so close to us, wouldn't stop talking, and I felt kinda irritated cos our time was being shortened. And time is important when Karaoke-ing!
When he finally left (but came back with our drinks) A and I totally went crazy singing XD
It was the first time I actually duet so much with someone else! All the JE songs. I really really had fun!!
So wanna do it again before I go to Japan! But I'll probably choose another outlet....
I sang a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot of GReeeeN songs too XD  A LOT OF THEM. Most ever! XD

And then, highlight of the birth day.
I drank the alcohol too fast while eating too fast and I got seriously dizzy. To the point I just let A pay with my card while I escaped to the toilet and squatted trying to get my senses back.
And then I finally left the toilet. Lol.
I couldn't feel much better at all.
Wanted to take a taxi and get back home asap, so persuaded A to take with me.
I tried, I swear I did! But puked in the taxi anyway. But I was very clean about it~ Lol.
Thank goodness we had a plastic bag.

Got home somehow and hid in the toilet. Lol.
Felt really dizzy and puked somemore. OTZ
Till I felt good enough to tweet, shower, and then sleep. Haha.
Oh and Facebook reply people. :x

I'm totally apologetic to A. Cos we didn't get to purikura or club.
Really sorry ):
It was Christmas, too.
But thank you so much for your time!
I had a really great time.
Oh, we missed out on cake, too. Hahaha.
But it was a really fun time!


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