Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Writing this post 20 minutes in advance actually!

Happy Christmas, Merry Birthday!

And so! I've grown older again.
I don't really feel it this time!
Maybe just forcing myself to feel it XD

2 has always been my favourite number.
It makes up a pair.
From now on, I'm double2, so I'm gonna make it a great year!

Especially when I'm going to Japan, finally, next year.

I'm so gonna make the best of it!
There're things to work hard on, there're things to get used to and all, but I ain't gonna give up.

This year is a single year again!
Not that I'll ever become interested in anyone in Singapore XD

Tomorrow I'm gonna go for Karaoke, Purikura and 47 Ronin! If there's time left, maybe club. Sort of. Lol.
This seems to be the last birthday in Singapore for me.
It seems to be nothing special, but it's in a way, good enough for me!

This year has been brilliant for me.
I've met people, experienced things, seen things, went to things.
I'm really grateful.
For the first time in my life, somehow, I feel blessed. For real.

There're so much I want to say, but, let's just leave it as it is.




Ah, do me a favour and sing loads of Christmas songs.
Because when you sing Christmas songs, you're singing my birthday song(s).
hahaha XD

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