Wednesday, June 20, 2012




Today at work was pretty alright~ Backache, neckache, all from standing at the counter to wrap the many stuffs. I like bring crazy at work~ Like coming up with stories, making up jokes~

*Internet's not very good now*

Tomorrow I'm gonna be leaving early to do a little item-searching at Daiso!~
With a couple of colleagues~
And then I'll be off on Friday, Saturday, OT4 on Sunday, and last minute packing before the near-midnight flight on Monday. Can't believe it's already so fast..

Anyway, today was my elder bro's birthday~
Didn't get him anything. LOL.

I don't have much to blog about now~
But I'll be blogging about what I truly thought of "The sticker girl" later.

Anyway, here's 2 songs!
From WAKABA! Title's "Beautiful Day"

And the very favourite "Ashita, Boku wa Kimi ni Ai ni Iku"

Hmmm. Really tempted to get the single now.
It's like the feeling's so flooded in the song XD

Sometimes I think my life's a little boring..
But then again, I think that my life's pretty dramatic, with the little things.
Like with people.. with disappearing excuse...
Uh-uh. There's something I'm not supposed to remember anymore!
But if I were to really think about it, there really is a lot of drama!

What would you like your life to be? A movie or a drama?
I'd like mine to be a drama. Sometimes things overlap to the next episode. Each episode will be something interesting. Sometimes there's a special episode. And when the whole season ends, there will be another to continue.

Anyw, internet's really bad -___-

Till the... "sticker girl" post later!

P.S Think I'll be writing poetry again. Read those in my other blog, and I miss writing those wonderful poems XD
P.P.S I don't know myself recently.. It's almost like.. I can't seem to figure out myself? Like there's clouds over you, you can't see clearly? Hopefully the clouds clear soon!

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