Tuesday, June 19, 2012


After this post, I'm off to shower!

Been running out of ideas for my blog post title and introduction line lately :x
The title's "Charmed" cos I've been watching Charmed. Hee~ On to the second season already! Half way through, I think! Besides, it's a nice title! XD

Since I didn't go out todayyyy, so there wouldn't be anything interestingggg~

Ate leftover dumplings for brunch today! :3 Miss eating these! 
Love eating them, but they're always too heaty to eat many of!
I love the one you get to eat with sugar with XD

Playing around with Illustrator!
This took me quite some hours! O__O
It's just the first part of the shades though!

Sweets I bought yesterday! 100g for $2!
It's those sweets that has the sour plum inside!
Been eating them since young, love them max!
Bought them from Chinatown yesterday!

And since we went to Vivo and Harbourfront, there were two shops of The Cocoa Tree (??)
Bought this from the one in Harbourfront!
Since... someone finished mineeeeeee.

Bought this from the store in Vivo~ It's a pack with many mini ones! :3
I call these the Triangle Chocolate! :D

Tomorrow's work again! Late shift~ 2pm T^T

Oh yeah, those blue-ish pictures, I took them from where they were in the fridge. That's why they're blue.
Huhuhu~ Have this cooling feeling, don't they!

As I have always spoke of selling notebooks that I make myself, my friend(s) has volunteered to help me!
Currently chatting with her on MSN~
I hope the whole "project" goes well! :o

Sometimes I feel that there's so many stuffs going on, so much to want to do!
But then it's like when you think about it, there's nothing to do. :x

And also, I might just be making my own lunch to work, since I'm in the afternoon shift, I should have the time!

I was thinking about part-time jobs, and which would suit me best.
Then I started thinking that, I might just do a good consultant :x
ALTHOUGH, I seem to be the one out of control when I get angry =/
But it's not like I'm angry most of them timeeee~

I think that it's nice to be able to help someone!
In a way, I guess I love customer service! But only when that person is nice!
And I guess I would rather say "Thank you" rather than "You're welcome" :P
But! I'm kinda sick of saying "Sorry" everytime... Especially when you're at work and there's always people blocking youuuuuuuu....


I wanna talk about songs again! The song is back in my head! Wakaba's song from the anime "Sekai Ichi Hatsu Koi"! Will be rewatching the anime again :3
And get back to the doki doki feeling~ *3* HAHAHA~
It's really the perfect song for the anime!

I'm off to shower then!
See ya tomorrow~ (✧◡✧)


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