Thursday, June 21, 2012

I don't get it sometimes.

#nowplaying KEANE Everybody's Changing.
That song might just suit this post.

"The sticker girl" is someone who pasted stickers around, and painted "My grandfather's road" on the road. Try googling for details!

Everyone's so supportive of her and stuff. Everyone's saying there's nothing wrong and stuff. Everyone says she's being creative and stuff.

But seriously.

How is doing those stuffs being creative?
Pasting stickers = How so creative?
In public = Gaining attention?

Sure it might be nice to see "phrases" and "words" or rather, sarcastic ones around town, to "brighten up our day". Sure sure. But law is law. And not that my thinking is old-fashioned or I'm unbendable, but I seriously don't see what those people who support her are thinking.

If she wanted to be creative, can't she think of another medium to express her "creativity"? And she isn't being creative. Hello? She's just sticker-ing what she thinks is fun and entertaining. Oh wait. I take that back. I don't know what she thinks at all.

I'll just stick to what I think.
There are people who say that being creative is expensive now. But if she has the money to print those stickers, efforts and time to get those up, then why can't she be "creative" enough to try online or something?
I think my keyword is "creativity" here. I don't get how creative she is. There's entirely nothing creative.

Has anyone thought of the fact that Singapore, yes, is ours, but every vandalism or "vandalism" is being cleared by who? Who "cleans up" after us?

What are people thinking lately. Vandalism is vandalism. There's no creativity in it. There's no Arts. It's just expression. And her expression is done in an entirely wrong way.

I hope the law doesn't back down.

Almost everyday I see posts about her.

I'll just post this and end my "argument" here.
I'll just ignore every other posts about her from here on.

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