Tuesday, June 19, 2012



Did a lot of walking today! My legs feel... very light!
After work, headed to Chinatown to meet Cheese, and we went to Vivo, then went home!

I love using code names. It's fun. I'm Onigiri (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Been feeling really nostalgic recently! Primary school days, secondary school days. Really miss those times!
I remember once I was late for school in Primary school, and as I was settling down after the pledge taking etc, I was called to receive a prize. I was super super surprised. LOL. Awkward much!

Bought quite a number of chocolates o____o
And then had quite an amount changed to Euro, too...

Work talk now!
It was pretty OK. The stocks that came were pretty little and simple. Finished them very quickly! And then it was slack slack, walk here, slack, walk there, slack slack etc.

And then when it's time to go home, very cheerfully walk around and say byebye and then vanish XD

I realise that when I blog, I've always like to jump from one topic to another, to another, then back, and then to another~ Oh-huhuhuhuhu~

I'm not exactly prepared the trip in 1 week. Gonna miss talking to everybody ):
And I'm gonna feel even lonelierrrrr thereeeeeeeeee.
Have to call Singtel and POSB/DBS before the trip too.
And finish translating FA Ep 9...

OK! Was feeling quite depressed lately, but I guess it's a little better today!
Shall cheer up cheer up!

Sometimes I don't like to see people happily dating and going out when I'm alone. LOL.
I remember once when I was still living in my old house, I was walking back, and some neighbours were having a party. They sounded like they're really enjoying, and it made me unhappy. HAHAHA. Cos I was feeling lonely at that time. LMAO. I'm such a spoiler~

AND also,  I realise that I've been "talking to myself". IDK. There's just this VOICE in my head!

Well~ There's so much I'd love to blog about, but let's just leave it on this yippie note!


Tah-tah━♪ また!ヾ(≧з≦)ゞブッ

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