Sunday, June 17, 2012

Eye-kidnapping. YEP!

Started this post, not knowing what to write for the title~

Work today was pretty alright~
I was eye-kidnapping a lot of kids. HAHAHAHAHA (✧◡✧)

They're so tiny and cute! Who can resist!

Anyway so far it was going alright until, it was really busy, and only 2 staffs were left. Me and another colleague, while the other batch went for break.

And then. As it got busy, the phone rang, so I went to get it. And I tripped. And the person who tripped me had the nerve to just look at me. I did not apologise. Was really upset.

And then after that, I saw this SUPER CUTE toddler! He/she was just lying there in the pram, looking so blur and innocent. LOL.

Will never forget the time I actually managed to stop a little girl from crying out of hunger. XD Was sooooo cuuuuuteeeeeeeeeee.


Wanted to get to Daiso, but I forgot it was a Sunday.
So did not go in the end.

Orchard's really crazy on weekends ャ━━ヾ(#`・Д・´)ノ━━ダ!!!

The trip's coming soon.

Gonna miss chatting with everyone else and twitter ):

Tomorrow's going Chinatown to change money... Early shift again tomorrow!

Was so tired today after 5 hours of sleep..
As it was nearing the end of my shift, I kept looking at my watch. And I was supposed to be stocking the highlighters, but I kept yawning and checking my watch. AND ZONING OUT. lol.

I hope no customers saw and complained or what :x



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