Saturday, June 16, 2012

Secondary school days

Heh. Kinda emotional tonight, and I started thinking of my school days.
I think Secondary School's the most memorable for me.

I remember having crushes. And I'd share with close friends but ended up with many people knowing about it. (*´ー`)

And then watching classes as they walk past our classrooms. (*´ー`)

As it gets boring in the same school for 4 years, we'd do simple breaking-rules stuffs. (*´ー`)

Like painting our nails black - with permanent marker. (*´ー`)

For myself, I used to properly tuck in my shirt and keep my skirt at the lonnnnngggg length. But near upper secondary, I started to shorten my skirt - though still acceptable - and tucked my blouse by safety pinning it. (*´ー`)

Remembering the moments when we'd sneak using the lift in school. LOL. It really is funny to think about it. Hoping there's no teacher outside when the lift doors open. (*´ー`)

Doing something, and see a teacher approaching, pretend to do something else or walk suddenly in the other direction. (*´ー`)

Staying back in school to see clubs. (*´ー`)

Playing the piano in school, and, well, playing a fool~ (*´ー`)

We'd hang out in all kind of places. (*´ー`)

Also, not forgetting getting teary about stuffs, and hiding to cry. (*´ー`)

OOHHHHH~ And wearing simple make-up to school for fun. Like, mascara. (*´ー`)

Friends "highlighting" their hair with my paint marker. (*´ー`)

We'd SMS friends from other classes (even if they're just next door) in the middle of lessons. (*´ー`)

We had our very own table/chairs/table plastic. (*´ー`) I wonder what happened to them. Especially...

We vandalised our table plastics. (*´ー`)

And proceeded to draw on the stickers which had our names on it. (*´ー`)

And drew on our scientific calculators. (*´ー`)

Hanging out before/after school, going to malls nearby. (*´ー`)

When we had dance practices, we'd run barefooted - even to the mama shop opposite the school. (*´ー`)

The cup noodles (with egg) at the mama shop~ (*´ー`)

"Gambling" when it's CNY period XDDD (*´ー`)


Can't remember anymore XD

I really miss those times! It has been awful, it has been amazing. Really thankful for those I'm still in contact with, and still talking with! (*´ー`)

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