Sunday, March 03, 2013


It's been a long time since I blogged. There's always a lot to blog, but it's like what should I blog about? お久しぶりだったよね!更新すること~何を話そうかな~

Thought I'd blog about how far today has been.
Not like it's my birthday or something. But I feel that there's always something to be grateful about. But for the record, I'm 254 months and 5 days old. Around there? XD

When I was a kid, I was a quiet girl. I don't really mixed around much, or talked about myself much. Almost like I didn't have a life, perhaps? Everytime the report card from school came, there's always "Shimin is a quiet girl" in the remarks section from the teacher.

Not that it bothered me. But I think... if I didn't remember wrongly, I've always wondered why I was quiet. Was I that quiet? That so quiet?別に悪いことだと思ってないけど~でもあの間、時々「わたしは本当にそんなに静かかな」とかを考えました。多分、わたしが静かな子のことが普通だと思ってた?

I did mix with other people, but I didn't particularly like class participation. I suppose I did not have a lot of communication. As for mixing with other people, I was with different people all the time since I felt left out quiet often. I was teased pretty often about it too.いつも違う友達といたので、いじめられたことがあります。

I think I started speaking out in upper secondary? But I wasn't active in class participation that much either. Inside I was told that I'm a leader. But on the outside, I'm more of watching and observing?

I wasn't that active and outspoken in poly either. But one medium I'm extremely grateful to, might just be Twitter.最近、ずっと思ってるのはツイターに感謝することですw

Sorry if it sounds crazy, or like I'm uttering some kind of nonsense. But in a way, Twitter is a place where I started to speak out, speak up, speak for things. It kind of gave me confidence, and well, showed me hard stuffs the hard way.変な話ならすいません。でもね。ツイターは、なんか、自分の話せるところです。

Comparing to how I once used to be. I'm hardly described to be quiet. lol
One of my classmates said that I seemed to be a quiet person at first, but slowly started to be... speaking a lot? :x
I kinda like it this way. Like, I'd first observe, and notice what people don't notice. Rather than saying whatever I want to, doing things randomly and not noticing things I should notice.

There's so much to be grateful to in life. Communication with the friends I have all over the world now is one. A lot has seriously changed.人生には感謝することが多いです。今一番のは世界で出会った友達です。前から、本当にたくさんことが変わった。

A fool people may say. But in a way, I'm somehow seeing things people can't see.

P.S Thank you to readers who have always been reading here. いつも読んでくれた人、ありがとうございます。

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