Thursday, June 13, 2013



Just a little short update!

Applied for new job. Will elaborate only if there's any progress.
JLPT N3 in July 7th. Letter came.
Pre-advanced course ending soon. Last lesson next tuesday.
Bought this new manga book which features LINE characters. They're attending school to become popular characters... or something.
Colleague gave me an onigiri book! It mentions information and history about onigiri~ Very cutely done too!
Made myself a new birthday/addresses book.
Was sick, got well.
Stock take ended. Ended well.

Think this is all? ><
There's things that I've been delaying, and not doing. But am kind of balancing things. At least I'm achieving to finish up things on time!

See ya! For now!

P.S Thank you to readers for reading this blog!

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