Saturday, June 22, 2013



Time report, 1.20am nau~
I think I've kind of been tweeting a little too much lately, that I gotta blog instead. Lol.

Reached more than 80k tweets. A litttle scary eh D:

Well~ I do have a lot to blog about, but there's too many to mention, too many I've forgotten, and I'll just focus on today! :3

Morning shift today! Going out is a real bother now with the haze. But I guess today was better! Despite the fact the PSI went up to 400 at about noon. And my hair smelling of smoke. Booo~
Bus took longer to come today. Got to work slightly later. As usual, got worried and frantic about being late. ><
I guess you can say the day went well! It wasn't that busy, and I got to speak Japanese a couple of times! Was really happy~ Although my hands went cold as I was trying to figure out my Keigo in my head quickly before I spoke. Lol.
The stocks were pretty OK! Had chicken rice at Lucky Plaza with colleague, AGAIN, and ate extra yummy rice. hahaha. So delicioussss~~ I went a little sleepy after lunch and was almost dozing up while pricing items. Always happening when I'm on morning shift!
Today felt quite good, I guess. Managed to finish as much as I wanted to, as I can, and settled as much as I could :3 Kinda satisfied? Maybe? XD

Best part of today is before the stocks came actually. The smoke were so bad there's some in the bookstore, and my colleague and I were complaining about it a lot. Haha. And then we went around looking for items with scents. Hahaha. Like Zebra SARASA pens' bottles of scents, scented erasers, scented beads, etc. Was really hilarious. Wahaha.

OKAY. Feels like there's a lot going on! Portfolio, work, studies, reading, many many! ><
That's what I get for being.. greedy I guess :x

Lessons' ended for now. Till July! About the 2nd week?
May the haze go away quickly. There's a date I'm looking forward to next weeeeek!

Well then~ Ciao for now! ^^/
Thanks for reading!

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