Saturday, August 03, 2013

DRUM TAO: Rising Phoenix

When I first saw the poster at bus stops, I was thinking, looks really great! Let's find someone to catch it together! So I bought tickets.
And then I saw the commercial on TV, and was thinking, looks really amazing! Can't wait!
And today, I've finally seen them.

I don't know how to describe this emotion. It's like being on cloud nine, like having seen something amazing, being touched so deeply, yet like you've fallen for something, like it's really irresistible.
The music was way more than just awesome. The lighting, the effects. The graphics.
And then the movements, the coordination. The ideas, the rhythm, the speed, the sequence.
In short, everything. The whole show was just way too awesome. Words alone just can't describe the way I totally feel about this.
I'm glad I went. I'm really really glad. I wish I could have made more people go.

I will not be blogging about the details of the performance.
But it made me clap. Clap like I've never before, yelled when I'm hardly a loud person. I'll say that, I can't recall anything way more awesome than this.
After the performance ended, my hands sting-ed. My friend and I was really so so so... impressed? overwhelmed? We bought the DVD, queued up for the signing, took pictures. It was a really memorable experience. I've never even fangirl-ed like this before! Never had autographs, never got this nervous. I was saying "Congratulations on 20 years!" to them in Japanese. But I couldn't calm down and kept stuttering.
I didn't want to leave Esplanade. Cos it felt like it'd turn into a dream.
I can't describe this feeling. It is so overwhelming. So deep. It was more than just music. More than just entertainment.

さっきDRUM TAOの演奏(?)を見に行きました。行って本当によかったと思う。







Time to go.

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